My Second Attempt on Doodle Art

Hi there! These are another sketches that I draw useĀ Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express. My index finger danced like crazy to sketch this pictures. These sketches was influenced by Led Zeppelin‘s song, called “Dazed and Confused” …it’s avant-garde music! A Masterpiece! I hope these sketches can mean something. Thank you…

For color adjustments and effect, I used Autodesk – Pixlr-o-matic on my smartphone. It’s a fantastic cool application that I’ve found on Google Play Store. The results was fantastic.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused 1” – Abstract style look. In this sketch, lines and other elements represent a battle in the people’s mind.

Dazed and Confused 2

Dazed and Confused 2” – Abstract style. In this sketch, lines and other elements represent a relieved in the people’s mind.

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