Brooke Shields Pointillism Portrait

I have something that I want to share with you. This was my old piece of artwork. Actually this was an old college assignment photography course. It’s called Photo Sketching.┬áI was excited to do this piece as soon as I got this assignment because it was totally new thing for me and it was my first chance to applied the Pointillism technique to do this piece of artwork.

Firstly, I took a picture of 80’s artist – the beautiful Brooke Shields from a magazine. From B/W photo, I start doing pointillism with my Rotring Rapidograph. I put the photograph on the glass with the lights on the bottom, so I still can see my ‘pointillize’ progress on that picture. I improvised on the hair part to make it look more fiercely.

After it’s done, the next step is┬áimmersing the photo into a chemical solution (I forgot what the name was) for eliminates the original B/W photo. The challenge is that the photographs paper can still clean without that chemical solution ruins that photographs paper. Very interesting technique. Hope it can means something for you all. Thank you…

Pointillism Brooke Shields Portrait

Pointillism Brooke Shields Portrait

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