BENGAL – My Imaginative Character

This is an illustration I did a few months ago. Actually, at that time I was not in the mood to draw something, but my son wanted me to draw with him. So I started drawing in my sketchbook using a cheap pen (black ink), without using sketch pencil and eraser at all. I just let my intuition guide my hand to create this illustration.

I was very surprised to see the results of my drawing, makes me even more excited to draw this imaginative character figures that I have in mind. After that, I made some color adjustments and some effects with Autodesk – Pixlr-o-matic and also Photoshop. So, here is my imaginative character I’ve invented…, it’s called “BENGAL“. Hope you like it. See you…

BENGAL - My Imaginative Character

BENGAL – My Imaginative Character

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